UK Industry Makita

Lawson HIS provide this brief introduction to Makita Power Tools the biggest-selling range of Industrial Power Tools and accessories in the world. Makita are the most reliable Power Tools you can use. We like to say that "Makita Power Tools are always working", every second of the day.

All over the world millions of Engineers, Construction workers, Builders, Plumbers, Joiners, Electricians and others are relying on Makita to do a hard day's work. No delays, No fuss, No allowances. Just deliver power where it's needed...when it's needed.

Each Makita Tool comes with a comprehensive guarantee. Makita can demonstrate this extreme confidence because we know that into every Makita power tool we build, sheer all-round quality, rugged workhorse Reliability and rock solid performance.These are the reasons why Makita tools work harder, perform better and last longer. And is why more professionals the world over use a Makita than any other power tool. These pages, in conjunction with Lawson H.I.S. Ltd., offer an introduction to the Makita range.

All Makita tools represent good honest value-for-money especially when you consider that many of our accessories come as Standard Equipment with most tools at no extra charge.